How to take care of your Dreadlocks!

A strict haircare routine is to be followed for healthy dreadlocks. Celebrity hairstylist and make-up artist, Savio Jhon Periera suggests, ‘Dreads need to be washed at least twice a week with a residue-free shampoo or soap, as the ones that have residue will prevent the hair from locking up. After the wash, towel-dry thoroughly to squeeze out all the excess water. Do not leave it naturally to dry and instead use a dryer with a diffuser to help it dry quickly. Leaving it damp will create a foul smell.’

Some hair product could help tame down the frizz from your hair. Savio suggests, ‘Use some dread wax to cut the frizz and bind them together. Never apply wax on damp hair. On dry hair, warm it in your hands and palm roll each dread. The wax will also help in the tightening process. To remove the wax, heat each lock with the dryer and squeeze out excess with a paper towel and then cleanse with hot water and dread soap.’

It’s best to not go on with twisting your hair too much as this can cause hair breakage. However, Savio suggests, ‘Palm rolling is an important process to help maintain and knot the loose hair.’

As much as possible, keep your hair covered with a bandanna or a hat. This is to keep the locks in place so they don’t turn sweaty.

Night haircare is a must. Savio suggests, ‘While sleeping, you can wear a nylon stocking  or a silk scarf to help prevent the locks from rubbing against each other thus creating more frizz.’

You should also make it a point to massage your scalp every day. Savio suggests, ‘If you want an oil massage then use essential oils like lavender or tea tree but do not use oils like coconut, olive, etc as they will start to smell. Do this atleast twice a day.’ The massage increases blood circulation which in turn helps hair growth.


Dreadlocks is an adventurous hairstyle and type. Colouring the hair only adds more drama, though you got to be a little careful. Savio suggests, ‘It is advisable to colour your hair before getting dreadlocks. You could colour your hair later provided, it’s done by a professional as it needs to be coated properly and the chemical residue has to be washed off thoroughly.’

With dreadlocks you have certain hair length to be maintained. Savio explains, ‘You can start at 3 inches from the ears but since this would be short, it would just be harder to put loose hair together. Therefore, six to eight inches is ideal.’

As relaxing as it would be, hair spa treatments however are not meant for dreadlocks as these conditioning treatments loosen the hair.

To get rid of the locks, there are many heavy hair conditioners available to loosen the texture of the dreads without cutting them. For this, it is preferable you consult your personal hairstylist. It is however difficult to get rid of locks without cutting them. 


Styling dreadlocks

  • You could opt for a high bun and simply wear a wreath or a headband for a retro and stylish look.
  • You could try braiding thin and tight braids close to the scalp and right till the tip. These look funky and are extremely simple to achieve.
  • Give a side sweep to your dreadlocks. Push them tightly to either side and clip it with an over-sized accessory at the back.
  • As for colouring your dreadlocks, you could opt to go global with a pop of bright colour or go for bright highlights
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