How to take care of your footwear

The rains can play a havoc on your footwear. While gum boots and rubber shoes are preferred during the season, an occasion might require you to wear leather shoes, ballet flats or even wedges.

Moreover, the humidity in the weather could make you sweat more, leaving a foul smell in your shoes and socks. Here are ways to take care of your footwear during this season.

– As soon as you return home, wipe the muck off your footwear using a clean and moist cloth.

– If you wear sports shoes in the rains, dry them by loosening the laces.

– Do not keep footwear in closed cabinets without completely drying them.

– Drying shoes under direct sunlight can do more harm to your shoes. Leave them to dry under the fan instead.

– Always wear clean socks.

– Try sticking to rubber footwear and avoid wearing expensive shoes.

– Avoid wearing leather shoes in this weather. However, if an occasion demands you to wear them, apply a wax-based polish. This will create a thin protective layer that provides light resistance to water and salt.


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