‘The Idea of One Religion’ reveals unknown aspects of Narender Modi

A book named “The Idea of One Religion” reveals the unknown aspects of the most spotlighted politician of India. The book was based on preaching of Ramakrishna Paramhans and Swami Vivekananda was published from Bhopal few months ago. The book presents NAMO as a free thinker and a messenger of multi-religious harmony. In the forward of this book, NAMO has written, “Whatever the religion, we are all children of God-immortal spirits…”. The author of the book, Professor JS Thakur tells with great enthusiasm that Narendra Modi has tremendous energy to think new things and to implement them in practice. In the forward of this book, Narendra Modi has given indication of a different personality that clearly contradicts his much known image of an strict advocate of hinduism. In the forward of the book NAMO has written, “A man may not have entered a temple or mosque or a synagogue or church or a gurdwara, nor performed any religious ceremony but if he feels God within him, he is thereby lifted above the vanities of the world…”. The writer of the book further adds, NamMo has always been keen to invite suggestions and to discuss them. He had also happily accommodated them once he was satisfied with the argument. “Such qualities are very rare in a politician of such rank and position”, says the author. The publisher of the book, Manish Jain has the similar view about Modi. He says that NaMo has always been associated with the project even while he was busy in election campaign. He himself has been greatly inspired by the preaching of Swami Vivekanada and wanted the book to be widespread among youth so that they could know about the glorious past of our country. Though the author and the publisher have found Modi as a person who believes in continuous learning and adapt changes, yet some critics say that such libertarian comments in the book might be an effort to polish NaMo’s image and to make him acceptable outside Gujrat. Among such views, a class nine student Dhwaja is very enthusiastic to wish a very Happy Birthday to her favourite Modi Uncle. She has listened to NAMO on teacher’s day and says that he will definitely take our country forward. She believes that a leader like Narendra Modi has concerns for all people of the country and he will definitely make India a true welfare state.

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