In PK, 126 Mistakes According to This 10-Minute Video

In PK, 126 Mistakes According to This 10-Minute Video

It gives the idea that even the meticulous Rajkumar Hirani is blame worthy of the mistakes of rationale and coherence that crawl guilefully through Bollywood movies. Another feature from YouTube channel Bollywood Sins discovers ‘bounty wrong’ in the executive’s 2014 blockbuster PK – in 10 minutes it numbers 126 oversights.

Why is the hoodlum who takes PK the outsider’s remote wearing a sweater in the sweltering desert June? How does PK know what batteries are? Why Jaggu and Sarfaraz meet in the Belgian city of Bruges when the Pakistan international safe haven where Sarfaraz works is in Brussels?

These and a few more in the feature beneath.

PK, which now holds the record as Bollywood’s best entertainer at home and abroad, stars Aamir Khan as the outsider PK, Anushka Sharma as Jaggu, Sushant Singh Rajput as Sarfaraz and Sanjay Dutt as the bandwallaah Bhairon who becomes a close acquaintence with PK.

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