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The awesome tech guys behind are working on multiple responses, for those concerned about TRAI bracketting these as spam. Plus there’s a BCC on an ID to keep a count on how many emails are going out. All in all, bases are being covered.  the best way for us to contribute is to log on to and send an email. Its just two clicks. Tell TRAI how we feel.

This has been happening for quite a while on the internet.People simply forget why they’re putting such content on the internet which is only meant for spreading awareness.If videos are made in hindi it should have english subs,and if a video is originally made in English it should have HIndi subs,at least.This way they are going to reach out to not just the majority but to everybody.

Net Neutrality has made the Internet an unrivaled space for free speech, civic participation, innovation and opportunity. Net Neutrality prohibits online discrimination and gives any individual, organization or company the same chance to share their ideas and find an audience.

Millions of people pushed the FCC to protect real Net Neutrality, and hundreds of thousands are weighing in on the need to block the Comcast merger. We need to do everything we can to ensure the open Internet continues to thrive as a space shared and shaped by its millions of users.

As the battle to Save The Internet gains momentum in India, the comedy collective ‘All India Bakchod‘ AIB has just come out with a much needed explanatory video that could perhaps serve as a shot in the arm for the movement to support ‘Net Neutrality’. Many of you might have seen articles, petitions and documents floating around on social media for quite some time that mention the term ‘Net Neutrality‘, but perhaps ignored it thinking it doesn’t concern you. Well, the news is, as these guys have very simply yet effectively explained in this video, that it would change the very nature of the internet! If you believe in the idea of a free and fair internet, and want to join the fight, scroll down the video to see how you can take action.

The cable and phone companies will do everything they can to knock this victory down, but our message is clear: Mess with the Internet, and you’ll lose.

watch the video and support


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