‘Volcano’ Erupting in Indian Himalayas

In Palampur area of Himalyan State of Himachal Pradesh the mysterious flames ejected from a mountain took residents by surprise, after visiting the sight villagers saw a thick hot substance like lava was erupting in a very small quantity and they reported it to the authorities. and  a team of earth scientists belongs to Himachal Geological wing of the Northern Territory Geological Survey took the samples of the substance erupted and set to Chandigarh Lab.

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Geo-Scientist Puneet Guleria, confirms in their initial reports that the substance is  Magmatic material ( lava at primary level ). It is being sent to a lab for further investigations. Scientists will also examine the cause of all this commotion

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Mean While Villagers and on-lookers are advised to not ot go closer to the sight and do not try to touch the substances.

What’s Megmatik Activity

Geological meaning “molten rock” . A mixture of finely divided solids with enough liquid to produce a pasty mass. A suspension of particles in a liquid, such as milk of magnesia. The molten rock material that originates under the Earth’s crust and forms igneous rock when it has cooled.


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