It’s Only 160 Square Feet But The Inside Is Mind-Blowing

It’s Only 160 Square Feet But The Inside Is Mind-Blowing

Houses can be made out of all kinds of things, such as lumber, brick, or in some parts of the world, they’re even made out of bags filled with earth.

Even a tiny house can be constructed out of all kinds of things.

Here at LittleThings, we’ve seen tiny houses made out grain silos and and even a train caboose.

But the object that launched the whole “make a tiny house out of something else” trend was the shipping container.

Shipping containers converted into tiny houses are really popular. Some are flipped into swanky homes for just $2,000 and others are used as affordable housing for the homeless.

Yet, I have never seen a shipping container tiny house as exquisite as this design created by the Costa Rican firm, Cubica. This design really excels at maximizing a snug space with functional living elements. This place is roomy, cozy, and even has a special space for a full-out dance party if you so wish. Just one step inside is sure to impress..

This shipping container home by the Costa Rican firm, Cubica is only 160 square feet.



It has a gorgeous, richly colored rooftop deck that is accessible by a ladder located on the side of the house.



The inside, decked out in warm, earthy colors has plenty of cabinet space for storage and recessed LED lighting. Sliding glass doors also open to a deck, as does a door from the shower area on the right.






The kitchen has a small refrigerator, two-burner stove, and a microwave that fits nicely into the small space.



Right outside the kitchen is a fold-down table perfect for dining, studying, or working.



The sleeping quarters tucked just to the left of the kitchen may seem a bit snug, but each bed has its own window making the space feel airy.



A Murphy bed hidden in the wall provides extra sleeping space if you have a guest.



There’s also a bathroom for all your grooming, primping, and splish-splashing needs.




The entire front of the house can be covered up when it’s vacant, because the roof hanging above the deck folds down.


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