Karachi dockyard attacked by Taliban’s Sindh unit

Pakistani Taliban’s Sindh unit was involved in a foiled terror attack at a naval dockyard in Karachi, according to a probe report.

Intelligence agencies have completed a report into the preliminary investigation into the attack, which found the involvement of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) Sindh chapter in the assault on the naval dockyard on September 6, theDawn reported.

The attackers intended to destroy the Navy workshop and other key installations in the vicinity, according to the probe report, which added that timely action by the naval commandos had foiled the attempted terror attack, it said.

Citing the report, the paper said that TTP’s Sindh chapter had penetrated into various departments of the provincial government.The report said that 21 suspects, including 14 servicemen, have been arrested in the attack case.

Three government employees were also arrested from Larkana district and two from Jamshoro district of Sindh.Three armed forces personnel, including a Navy officer were earlier arrested from Quetta.During questioning, the detained suspects disclosed that all involved persons had planned to escape to Afghanistan after conducting the attack.

courtesy : PTI

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