Kiss to find your Guy

An Oxford University research suggests that kissing on the first date may determine the longevity of the relationship.

The involvement of two important senses in kissing — the olfactory (smell) and the gustatory (taste) — leads to instant approval or disapproval of the person being kissed, in the subconscious mind.

Here’s all you got to do to find out your man.


Don’t be First-Date-Kiss-Shy
Hesitance will have to take a backseat. After all that flirting, initiate the first move, suggest a casual kiss. Keep the kiss light yet tasteful.

Nostalgia can be a cue
Lady, if you pull this off decently, hug yourself. Next, just go home and recall the kiss. Still getting goose flesh? If yes, you’re already ready for the second date! If not, don’t be generous to bad kissers (unless ‘you’ were the bad kisser).

Relax On second date
Now that you have done the job of being the dream-date on the first outing, just sit back and relax. Your man is sure to take charge and let you have your due generously this time.

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