Google’s yearly designer occasion has dependably been a host to a portion of the greatest tech declarations and this year too it is liable to be the same. From the declaration of Chrome OS, to Sergey Brin’s stunning demo of Google Glass, Google I/O dependably guarantees energizing new declarations. Aside from the required presentation of the new form of Android, there are some key advancements that are normal.

The greatest declaration could be the review of Android M. While the name is not known, odds are we could wind up with Android Marshmallow. The Google I/O 2015 calendar records out a session called ‘Android for Work’. This presumably implies that Google is taking a shot at improvements so Android has better administration answers for IT directors and is more usable at work.

According to Ars Technica, Android M could have an integrated Fingerprint scanning application programming interface (API) that could be integrated with the Google Play store and even the Chrome browser. Previously, it was revealed that the Nexus 6 was supposed to have a fingerprint scanner on the back, but as Motorola could not procure a good enough solution, the scanner was dumped. A fingerprint scanner API built into Android would mean wider adoption of the technology across the ecosystem. While Samsung and HTC have built good solutions for the Galaxy S6 and One M9+, a standardised protocol will encourage more vendors to add a fingerprint scanner in their devices.

Besides the fingerprint scanning API, Google could replace Google Wallet with Android Pay, a standard for wireless payments that would take on Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This would also supplement the fingerprint scanner API.

Google Hangouts is the default informing application in Android and it could get more brilliant with the Android M redesign. A late 2014 redesign to Hangouts brought an area sharing component from a start-up called Emu, which Google had obtained. More improvements from the Emu group could be approaching. It could include noteworthy plans, and could even rundown out data important for the discussion being referred to.

A Google Calendar upgrade is required to include some fascinating new components. As of late, Google had gained an application called Timeful, which can make element plans for clients. In more straightforward words, Timeful can make a plan for you and on the premise of your calendar and needs, verify that your errands are accomplished. This applies to various utilization cases. Be it an activity calendar to gatherings. Truth be told, the Timeful innovation doesn’t matter just to Google Calendar, additionally Inbox.

Google could likewise make declarations that would make Android good with auto infotainment frameworks as an embeddable working framework. What does this mean? Indeed, with Android Auto, Google permits clients to copy restricted usefulness of the OS and engraving it on the auto infotainment framework, yet this arrangement dependably is fastened to your telephone. Google could report a construct of Android that would work locally off the auto infotainment framework and will have more extensive usefulness than Android Auto.

It is additionally profoundly conceivable that Google will declare a local topic motor as a piece of the following Android Build. Effectively, major cell phone producers like Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Sony and Huawei bolster subjects in their particular forms of Android. Stock Android doesn’t have topic bolster, which is found on Nexus gadgets and Android One cell phones. Sony long back had included the runtime asset overlay (RRO) system, which permitted subjects and this was utilized by Samsung and HTC on their new telephones – the Galaxy S6 and the One (M9). With the most recent form of Android this capacity could be a piece of the center OS experience.

Other than this, Google could make Android perfect with virtual reality gadgets as of now Google doesn’t have anything in that space. Yes, Google Glass is there; however under the Nest group it is experiencing a noteworthy upgrade. Google could likewise present a local multi-window multitasking component like what Samsung and LG telephones have had for a considerable length of time. Ultimately, voice orders will be improved and as shown before Google Now will have an open API so that any engineer can coordinate their applications with Google’s collaborator. There is additionally prattle about enhanced warning controls.

In an interview with GigaOm, Google’s Mario Queiroz revealed that a new Chromecast is in the works. Chromecast is almost 2 years old and it does not support things like 4k video, 1080p video at 60 frames per second or even 3D video. All these things could be added in the new Chromecast. Importantly, the new Chromecast could have the Wi-Fi 802.11 AC protocol built in.

In January, Google likewise declared Google Cast. Google is sharp likewise advance Chromecast as an easygoing gaming arrangement. Indeed, the Google I/O session rundown records out a session called Designing recreations for Google Cast, which could be a major highlight of the gadget. On the off chance that gaming is a concentrate, then we could see a more improved GPU and CPU stack in the gadget. Obviously, this wouldn’t be at the expense of the evaluating of the item as Chromecast is an awesome motivation buy.

As we have reported in extraordinary subtle element for the past couple weeks Google+ Photos could be part from Google+. As an Android Police break recommends the new application will permit clients to post their photographs on Facebook and Twitter separated from Google+, yet will likewise accompany various new elements. Firstly, its client interface will be redone and it will accompany upgraded altering components and item identification. The application will likewise accompany another associate component.

Google’s association with world’s biggest cell phone business sector is chilly, best case scenario. Google’s administrations are not edited according to the enjoying of the Chinese government so a great deal of its administrations simply don’t work there. This could change as per the Information. The Google Play store could at long last come to China, which will be music to the ears of a huge number of designers. Google is wanting to re-enter China as organizations like Baidu are giving administrations and components in China that are typically piece of a standard Android telephone somewhere else.

As specified prior, Tony Fadell’s group could disclose another Google Glass. Reports have recommended that it could be fueled by an Intel SoC. Luxottica’s CEO even demonstrated that it was working with Google on the venture. Keep in mind Luxottica is the guardian organization of eyewear brands like Ray Ban and Oakley.

Prior, Google Glass was a task lead by Sergey Brin at Google X. As the organization neglected to think of helpful uses for the item furthermore it brought about an open security furore, the undertaking was in the end gave to Nest CEO Tony Fadell, whose organization Google had before procured.

Google has joined forces with notable Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer and Intel to make an Android Wear smartwatch. They have officially reported that they are chipping away at making a $1,400 item, with a focused on battery life of 40 hours. This could be Android’s response to the Apple Watch, which went marked down before in the year. All the more significantly, Google is additionally making sense of a path for its Android Wear gadgets to be good with the iPhone. On the off chance that that happens then even iOS clients could influence Android Wear based equipment.

The Project ARA module cell phone is maybe the most eager venture inside Google. Google anticipates pilot testing the particular cell phone idea in Puerto Rico. Odds are we could see something from Google’s ATAP bunch, which is accountable for the undertaking. They have a session at Google I/O and chances are we will see all the more on the Project ARA cell phone there. As of now, cell phone producer Yezz has joined and Toshiba has likewise reported camera and framework on chip modules for the task.

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