Metro Rail: Access review tomorrow

How physically tested inviting is the new Chennai Metro Rail? To gage this, the Disability Rights Alliance (DRA), Tamil Nadu, is wanting to direct an entrance review on Friday.

“We will go to Alandur station, go to Koyambedu and back,” said Smitha Sadasivan of the DRA. The audit would gage distinctive parameters, for instance, the station’s outside, ceasing, and acquisition of inclines, she said. The deck and switches at the station, the emergency routes out, and openness of toilets would moreover be assessed, she said.

“We will likewise take a gander at the section of the mentors, the space inside it, and whether there is satisfactory time for a man with difficulties to land. The procurement to contact authorities if there should arise an occurrence of need will be checked and we likewise need to see what the stations are similar to after nightfall – if there is sufficient lighting, particularly for individuals with low vision,” she said. K. Raghuraman, a city school Professor with visual difficulties, who went on the Metro, said he confronted troubles.

He said the outside of the Alandur station exhibited issues.

“I got off my vehicle and I was attempting to find the strides utilizing my stick, yet I accept there is a stage initially, before the strides. After the initial a few stages, there is crevice that is secured with bars and my stick went into the hole,” he said. While there were material ways, Mr. Raghuram said the area was not clear…

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