Most dangerous female agent of ISIS

On Twitter, she is known as @_UmmWaqqas, and is pictured shrouded head-to-toe in black; a high-ranking officer of ISIS who have more than 8000 followers , and is in close contact with the British, Americans and the jihadi brides in Syria.

Channel 4 News has since revealed her identity as a woman in her 20s who went to school in the US, and by her friends’ accounts grew up as a regular teenager in a Western world.

Although her official Twitter account has been suspended, @_UmmWaqqas’ tweets are available on Favstar, an online service that tracks Twitter and its usage.

The news site discovered the woman’s identity by closely reading Tweets pertaining to her “offline” world, and matching the pictures she posted on Twitter to popular locations in Seattle. Eventually, they were able to identify @_UmmWaqqas’s movements, based on a timeline of her events and her activities, as well as tracking her name on Facebook.

Although it is not possible to confirm that she was the sole operator of the account for the three years it existed, @_UmmWaqqas is thought to have played a significant role in persuading young women to join ISIS, often posting “inspirations” quotes, practical advice about leaving for ISIS-occupied regions and a willingness to convert people to Islam.

According to Channel 4 News, the Twitter account has had multiple user names attached to it — such as @Rawdah_Abdi and @Rodaa27 — and identical images uploaded to multiple social networks in a short space of time, which gave away @_UmmWaqqas real name on a Facebook profile, also under one of the usernames.

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