Muslims pray for peace, brotherhood on Eid in Agartala

Muslims pray for peace, brotherhood on Eid in Agartala

Muslims accumulated at the Gedu Mia mosque, Agartala, today to offer morning supplications to God on the event of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Other than local people, a few different Muslims who are in the city for different reasons like employment and instruction likewise took part in the supplication to God and praised the celebration.

The Eid requests to God started at around 9.30 a.m. at the point when Maulana Abdul Rehaman, the imam of the mosque, read out the exceptional petition to God for worldwide peace.

“Islam shows love and fellowship however it is exceptionally deplorable that today because of untrustworthy exercises of an extremely tiny segment of Muslims in arms battle and terrorism the whole religion is maligned and which ought not be,” he said.

The Muslims here accumulated in expansive numbers to appeal to God for peace and success. They communicated that all religion instructs the lesson of adoration and appreciation, including that there is no space for contempt and viciousness.

“This is one of the greatest celebrations of the Muslims and we spread the message of fraternity among all individuals of the world. This is the prize that we get following one month’s fasting amid Ramadan. We thank the god for whatever he has accomplished for us. It is an extraordinary delight for us and one of the happiest minutes,” said Akhil Ahamed, a nearby here.

“Eid is the zenith of month long fasting… After this month long fasting, we commend this day alongside individuals of all religions in our home and all over,” included another neighborhood Morshal Ali.

The Muslims as standard grasped one another and traded Eid welcome after the petitions to God.

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