Nepal asked India and other countries to Withdraw Rescue teams

India and 33 different countries have been requested that by Nepal haul out their salvage groups nine days after the monstrous seismic tremor that has left no less than 7,300 individuals dead in the minor Himalayan nation.

Teams from Japan, Turkey, Ukraine, UK and Netherlands have begun the process of leaving.

The foreign ministry said on Monday that the Nepal government had asked countries to remove their “first response” teams(withdraw rescue teams) as the focus is now on relief, rather than rescue.

Hypothesis that the Nepal government is irate with India was earnestly denied by both nations.

“Nepal is not at all angry with India. Please be positive, no negativity,” said Deep Upadhyay, Nepal’s envoy to India.

“Nepal now needs rubble removal equipment and has asked India for help. An army engineering team will be going,” said the Indian foreign ministry.

“In the disaster relief framework, there are standard operating procedures, clear cut directives, that you slowly leave and the state has the resilience to get back on its own feet,” Nepal’s Army Chief General Gaurav SJB Rana said.

The quake brought down thousands of buildings in Kathmandu and severely damaged communication facilities, roads and bridges.

Source NDTV

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