Nestle’s Maggi Boiling on trouble water in India, face 15 days ban in Delhi

The Delhi government tested 13 samples of Maggi from across the city, out of which, officials said, only a single sample was found to be complying with guidelines. Seven samples were found to have lead content beyond permissible limits, while another five were found to have monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Sources said lead levels in the Maggi samples were found to range from three to over 4 parts per million. In tests conducted among samples in Barabanki by the UP authorities, lead content in a dozen samples was found to be 17.2 parts per million. “Lead has many adverse health effects, even if the level is one unit above the prescribed limit.

In seven Maggi samples, lead content was found higher than the prescribed 2.5 parts per million (PPM). We asked the labs for a preliminary report for lead and MSG only, and the detailed report will be available on Wednesday.

India’s biggest retailer, Future Group, too has stopped stocking Nestle’s noodle brand Maggi on its shelves amid its safety concerns by several state governments.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has announced an immediate “15-day ban” on sale of Maggi noodles and has asked Nestle, which manufactures the snack, to recall current stocks from the capital in that time and make available new stock, which will be allowed on shelves only after proper checks.

Source : Indian Express

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