‘Nicki Minaj: My Time Again’ — Reveals Emotional Past

‘Nicki Minaj: My Time Again’ — Reveals Emotional Past
Nicki has never been afraid of revealing her true self, but the stunner opened up like never before on MTV’s special, My Time Again. Starting five days before the VMA’s, Nicki discussed how when she was working as a waitress at Denny’s and Red Lobster she would only get a fifteen minute lunch break while she and her dancers rehearse for her performance with Ariana Grande and Jessie J!

Two days before the show, Nicki was rehearsing for her solo performance when one of the back up dancers unfortunately, was bit by the snake that they were initially planning on using during the live show. With just three hours before the show Nicki still hadn’t seen her outfit — which she famously suffered a wardrobe malfunction with during the show.

During the quick change, Nicki said that she and her stylists couldn’t see what they were doing since it was so dark and she “felt her top come undone.” The rapper then bravely went and did what she had to do because, “the show must and will go on” — talk about dedication.

When asked to respond to those who said she did it for attention, Nicki said, “Only things that would say that, would be people who don’t know me. ” By handling the malfunction in such a professional way, she gained many compliments, including one from Beyonce who Nicki revealed said, “Respect. As an entertainer I gained so much more respect for you about how you handled that.”

It was really nice to see a totally different side of Nicki when she went to visit her grandmother and spent time with her longtime best friends in Queens, NY. She said that she likes to spend time with her family because, “It’s so therapeutic, we just laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, and I think me being around my family, takes care of me.”

Her grandmother was so sweet and cute when she spoke about what Nicki was like when she was younger. She said, “She liked boys.”

Nicki bravely revealed that she was at one point pregnant with a child who would have been named Caiah and have been almost sixteen with her ex boyfriend, Aaron. She said that motherhood is something she wants but, “won’t be doing it right now, that’s for sure.”

Not only was Anaconda a powerful song about loving your body, but Nicki loved all of the memes that her racy cover art inspired — especially the meme with Marge Simpson!

Nicki was in a very long relationship with her now ex, Safaree Samuels and she said that with the change in her career things became more about material things — and that is why so many of her songs are introspective. “I think I was very broken when writing this.” She teared up and continued, “The brokenness is ok as long as it can inspire people. I didn’t want to make an album that was fake happy, I wanted to deal with it and move on, and be real happy.”

It’s no secret that Nicki writes her own raps, but she doesn’t think that many other artists do. “Most people don’t rap no more. People don’t spit no more,” she said. “People are fraudulent and getting by, by not pushing their pens” and revealed that she doesn’t want to be called a “female rapper” anymore because the time has been “diluted.”

The artist said that she has moved back to the East Coast to be able to drive to her brother and mother.”I don’t know if the secrets to life is to find love, but I think the secret it to embody love.” and she revealed that she is no longer putting her “career over the ones that I love”

In the future she said that, “I think four years from now is the time to have a child, I would have to be married first. I think there is a housewife somewhere in here.”

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