No. 1 khan of Bollywood Is IRRFAN KHAN ,He beats all ranks of khan’s !

As you known there are three khans of Bollywood i.e Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. From romantic to action movies they all breaking records with the 200 crore club. Now Irrfan  is the no.1 khan of Bollywood.This is the biggest opening ever. he has broken all records by giving a humongous opening of $511 million worldwide.

The owner of the dinosaur park in Jurassic World, he plays a role of Simon Masrani. Irrfan Khan think  that something is true,  to have maximum screen time a Bollywood actor has every had in a Hollywood film. His performance is perfect in movies and really appreciated worldwide..

he was prepare for her new movie Dan Brown’s Inferno in Budapest. It is a complete package of irrfan for new high of this brilliant acting..

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