Pattinson having best sex of his life..

However, the latest report about the actor and the singer says that Rob really has the hots for FKA Twigs and it has a lot to do about lust.

FKA Twigs is reportedly staying with Rob in his newly bought Los Angeles home as E!News reported last week and now that she’s in town for a couple of weeks, the couple is reportedly spending a lot of time in the bedroom.

Kirsten Stewart recently told the media, allegedly that is, that Rob, her ex, will not be able to hold the attention of FKA Twigs for a little while longer but Rob is definitely having the time of his life while the fun lasts.

A source has told that the two are really getting physical with the sexy singer. Although they seem to be really PDA-full whenever they are out and about in Los Angeles, the two are much more lustrous when they are alone together.

A source reveals what Rob allegedly told him with this statement: “Rob says he is having the best sex of his life. Apparently, she’s very flexible and very uninhibited.”

The source continues, “He’s in heaven. He’s just fully in lust with her. He can’t keep his hands off her. He even makes out with her in public, which is not usually his style. It was never that way with Kristen, but this girl is loosening him up.”

Kristen is reportedly very stressed out about this and bothered about the attention Rob is giving FKA Twigs as a source suggests that Kristen has been trash talking the singer at a house party in Los Angeles that she has recently attended.

Another source said, “Kristen has become very jealous of Rob’s new romance. She was being really hard on twigs’ looks, calling her fugly.”

It seems Rob thinks otherwise and enjoys the company of FKA Twigs.

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