Poonam Pandey takes over Ranveer Singh in DO THE REX!!

Poonam Pandey, who thrilled one and all with her daring avatar on Twitter, recently became the talk of the town with her spoof on Ranveer Singh’s condom advertisement. While talking to TOI about it, Poonam said, “My Twitteratis were telling me to post a video and then I thought to do something big for them. So, I did this video and they all loved my work.” On being asked about her opinion endorsing a condom, Poonam said, “Yes, why not. Even I can do a condom ad like Ranveer Singh. There is no harm in endorsing a condom and people will be educated in this country.”
Poonam Pandey, who set the net on fire with her video feels that Ranveer Singh is a bold actor. “Well, I think that Ranveer Singh is a bold actor. I like him and it needs courage to endorse a condom in Bollywood where all actors are not open to endorse such a product. Hats off to him to endorse condoms at such a stage in his career. That’s a common aspect between me and him that we don’t bother about others think and we always do what we want in life,” stressed Poonam.
Poonam Pandey’s popularity on the Internet is known to one and all. While talking about the changing aspects in relationships and the younger generation getting open about their problems, Poonam stated, “It’s better that the generation is talking and addressing their issues. Initially, there were lot of suicide cases happening in our country because of troubled relationships. The change is good today and people move on easily.”
Poonam Pandey grabbed eyeballs with her sensual images on Twitter and the actress feels that it’s her fans who give her the confidence to interact with them and bring out the best in her. “If I have something good to show to my fans why should I hide it. I enjoy doing it and so do my followers on Twitter. I should not backout now from fans. I love my fans and serve them what they want. I don’t have a god father in the industry and my fans are my god,” said Poonam.
On being asked about her reaction on comparisons with Sunny Leone, she said, “I read many such stories, but I can’t stop anyone from comparing me to people. If they want to compare me I hardly care.” “It sounds silly to compare me with Sunny. I am not here to compete with anyone. I am going my own way. I don’t like to be compared and I don’t think anyone can be compared to me,” concluded Poonam.
Poonam was seen indulging in bold scenes in her debut film Nasha. When asked about her opinion on bold scenes as an actress, Poonam stressed, “As an actress I don’t know, but as a person I don’t think it’s wrong. Sex is not a big deal in relationships. You are not doing anything wrong by kissing your lover.” Poonam feels that Nasha, the title of her first film was not negative. On being asked about her Nasha, she said, “I have many Nashas in life. My biggest Nasha is uploading pictures on the net and listening to music.” “When it comes to Nasha, it’s not a negative term. Everyone in life has some kind of Nasha,” stressed Poonam. Poonam has taken Twitter by storm in the past as she uploaded sexy and hot pictures!
Poonam prefers to click her pictures when she gets some free time for herself. “When I get free time I don’t watch TV. I like reading books or click my pictures and post it on Twitter,” said Poonam. When asked about her forthcoming projects, Poonam said, “I really want to tell you as I am doing lot of work, but as of now I can’t reveal.”
Courtesy:- Times of India
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