Pressure on teen girls for ‘nude selfies’ becomes dating norm

Experts have claimed that the pressure put on young girls to provide sexually explicit photos by boys has recently become a dating norm.

Cyber safety expert Susan McLean said that every week one or more girls had told her that they feel pressure to reciprocate (photos sent by boys) and send their photos, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Lecturer Melinda Tankard Reist said that girls, aged 12 and 13 year, were getting requests from boys for sexually explicit photos and the level of blackmail was terrible, like starting a sexual rumour about the girl or pasting her screen-captured snap on a naked woman.

Reist added that it was all part of the pornification of society and the sexualisation of girls and it was unfair to expect girls to provide these services to boys due to pressure.

Child psychologist Michael Carr Gregg said that the nude selfie was in essence part of the courtship process of the young generation, where youngsters at the age of 15 get to the point where they exchange nude pictures in a relationship.

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