Quick tips for the woman on the go!

These handy tips can help you get your act together in the mornings when you are rushing off to work

Balancing work and home is a challenge that every woman faces almost everyday. After an entire day of working hard, there is no time for a relaxing and lengthy skincare regime, nor is there any energy left for a haircare routine. And also, while going to work hurriedly in the morning one cannot spend hours in front of the mirror doing up their makeup. Here are some quick tips…


Get a mane-over
Spritzing sea salt spray all over your hair can give your limp hair a quick makeover. This is a widely used tip as the spray can add some texture to your hair and make it look effortlessly radiant and silky. You can get the beach-hair look without going to a beach!

Do the dry shampoo
This is a wonder product for the woman on the go who does not have time for a shampoo-conditioner-serum routine. Using a dry shampoo —it comes in the form of a powder or a dry spray — on the scalp will absorb the oil and grease from it and add volume to your hair roots.

Open up your eyes
Of course you do not have time for eye makeup when you are in a hurry. During the monsoon, a few strokes of a waterproof mascara can open up your eyes in a few minutes by making your eyelashes look more voluminous and also longer.

Hide it if your aren’t sure
When you do not have time to do up your hair and you have run out of dry shampoo, you should just hide your hair cleverly. Take a headband or a bandana and tie it on. A colourful floral one can brighten up the dreary monsoon days while a metallic head scarf can work for the night. And your bad hair day can remain your secret!

Lip tints and balms
No time for a lip pencil and a lipstick? Go the lip balm way — a lip balm with a slight tint will not only moisturise your lips but will also lend some colour to them.

Protect your hair from the sun
Just like your skin needs protection — your hair too needs to be saved from damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. There are specially formulated haircare products that have a sun-protection factor. Spray some on and you are good to go.

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