Rakhi Sawant insults Sunny Leone publicly


Rakhi Sawant who has dependably been popular for her fits of rage and show has come up again with another. The strong performer is known for her strangest conduct and direct talks while tending to media or be it at any occasion. The twit never stays back to affront any one.

When asked about who is that person, she said “its one and only Sunny Leone.” She literally said targeting Sunny Leone, ”Leela ko main geela kar dungi!”

Later she was informed about Sunny Leone being accused by a housewife in Dombivili. The bold actress Rakhi Sawant, flaunting her bikini outfit at the event, said, “ Its Sunny Leone who forces people to wear such clothes. I want her to leave my India and go back to her country and do whatever she wants to do. People are doing right thing with her.”

Rakhi Sawant insults Sunny Leone


“ Firstly why are we talking about Sunny Leone. We are doing a favour by paying her to make her look decent. We are doing a social work in India. Nothing more than this we can do for her.” “Please don’t compare me with sunny Leone because I have achieved by dancing, performing, doing reality shows and also by winning hears of the audiences. I never did any adult film or anything else to achieve…I hope you all understand,” she added.




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