Rampal hidden facts..

2. He hold a diploma in Engineering and served as Junior Engineer in Irrigation department of Haryana.

3. He was removed from his job for “carelessness” in May 2000

4. On his website his supporters claims that he was of a religious nature when he was young and worshipped  Lord Hanuman.

5. He met his guru  Swami Ramdevanand  and then became a disciple of the saint Kabir.

6. He established his first Ashram in in a village called Karnotha in Rohtak district. After that he built many ashram including his current head quarter in Barwala village near Hisar.

7. He has his own body guards in thousand of numbers who call themselves “Bab’s black Commando”. They use guns, acid pouches, petrol bombs and sticks as their weapon openly and fearlessly. Many supporters claim that this commando includes many retired IPS, Army and NSG personnels.

8. Self proclaimed Godman has served two years in jail earlier on charges of murder and attempt to murder. He is out on bail since 2006.

9. Last time Baba Rampal visted court regarding his case was in 2010. SInce then he skipped court hearing 43 times.

10. He believes that he describes God in best way and is World’s most influential spiritual guru. In December 2013, he invited “all the Saints of the world” for a “spiritual knowledge discussion” with him. He also challenged, “If you do not come forward for the Spiritual Knowledge Discussion, then we will believe that you accept your defeat and that you do not have complete knowledge about God and His way of worship.”

11. Once thrown out from his job, Baba Rampal now owns a dera or cult worth Rs. 100 crores

12. The 63-year Baba owns a number of luxury cars, including BMWs and Mercedes.

13. His residence which is also his head quarter in Barwala, Haryana spread over a sprawling 12 acres.

14. Rampal is said to have over 25 lakh followers in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi.

15. In the book published by his supporters, claims that he is an Avatar and some foreigner Astrologer had predicted about this avatar.

16. In the same book he criticized Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s view and claim that his view about God is the only truth.

17.He use to bath in milk and make kheer in that milk and it was distributed as prasad.

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