Renault EOLAB fuel economy , claims 1.0L/100km

The Renault EOLAB concept, which will debut at the Paris motor show, is claimed to consume just 1 litre of petrol per 100km, equivalent to 22g of CO2/km.

For Renault, the purpose of EOLAB is to remain true to the company’s DNA by ensuring that ultra-low fuel consumption becomes a reality for as many people as possible.



Renault says EOLAB is much more than just a styling exercise or a mere shop window. Conceived around a B-segment platform, the prototype incorporates around 100 new, realistic technological developments that are designed to be introduced gradually on upcoming Renault vehicles.



The EOLAB prototype’s exceptional fuel economy – namely 1 litre/100km – is the fruit of work on three main fronts: refined aerodynamics, weight saving and Z.E. Hybrid technology (petrol/electricity)

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