Rihanna poses topless with baby: Singer criticised for posting semi-naked photographs with young niece

R&B star Rihanna has been criticized by fans on a social networking site for posing topless with her little niece.

The 26-year-old singer’s photographs of herself holding her niece, have irked the fans, who questioned her for going semi-nude, reported The Independent.

“I don’t get why Rihanna’s posing topless with a kid that’s not even hers,” one wrote.

Another said, “Why in gods name is Rihanna posting pictures of herself holding her niece while completely topless.”

But Rihanna was not affected by the criticism. When Brazil defeated Colombia in the quarter-final, the baja beauty again posted the topless picture of herself holding onto her tiny ‘niece’, which she originally posted on Wednesday, and added a Brazilian flag to the youngster’s hand.

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