Rumours Costed Delhi Teenager His Life: Police

New Delhi: The class 12 student whose burnt body was found in Haryana’s Murthal was murdered as he was spreading rumours about the mother of one of the accused arrested in the case, police said on Wednesday.

 “The juvenile who hatched a plan to eliminate Shiv Kalra told police that the latter’s habit of spreading rumours about his mother angered him,” a police official told IANS.

The officer said the family of the victim told the police their son was killed as he was a witness in a theft carried out by the juvenile. Police, however, have ruled out this claim.

The juvenile along with two other friends, all living in the same area, had called Kalra Oct 11 from his Vijay Vihar area home and partied at a restaurant.

They had later taken him to Murthal and shot him thrice before setting his body on fire.

Haryana Police on Tuesday evening contacted Delhi Police informing them about a half-burnt body in Murthal. Kalra’s parents later identified the body.

courtesy : IANS

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