Salman Khan to Resume Shooting for ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ from Today

A day after the Bombay High Court suspended his five-year jail sentence in an attempt at manslaughter case, performing artist Salman Khan will resume shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Kashmir today.

The performer was not show in court on Friday when a judge said the 49-year-old can request safeguard with an obligation of Rs. 30,000. He needs to surrender his identification and can just travel abroad with the court’s authorization.

He completed bail formalities at the Mumbai sessions court yesterday evening. On his return home, he came out to the balcony of his apartment and greeted fans with a namaste, a wave and a salute.

“All those who prayed for and supported me thank u meherbani shukriya,” the actor later tweeted.

While declaring Mr Khan guilty, Judge DW Deshpande rejected his claim that his driver was to blame.
The judge said instead of reporting the accident to the police, Mr Khan “hid” at home. “It is pertinent to note that the accused did not take any positive steps by visiting hospital to see the injured and provide medical aid to them,” the order said.

Amid the trial, the on-screen character’s attorneys asserted that Mr Khan had been drinking water and had moved out of the auto through the driver’s seat after the mischance in light of the fact that the traveler side entryway had been harmed.

Yet, a few arraignment witnesses, including survivors of the accident, affirmed that Mr Khan was driving the vehicle when it furrowed at about 55 miles every hour into the men mulling over the road close to a pastry kitchen in September 2002.

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