Salman Khan WELCOMES Shah Rukh Khan to Bigg Boss 9 and TROLLS Aamir Khan!

The Bigg Boss function just got a whole lot interesting!

The launch event of the much awaited Bigg Boss 9 happened today in a glitzy fuction, with a dashing Salman Khan at the centre of attraction. The actor was in his jovial best, asking reporters to perform various tasks as well as signing his own songs.

Salman Khan WELCOMES Shah Rukh Khan to Bigg Boss 9 and TROLLS Aamir Khan!

But the best part of the show came when his two major contemporaries were discussed, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. If you are someone who follows what all is happening around the world of Bollywood, you would know that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan has left their enmity behind are now seen as a good friends, with both even promoting each other’s films. However, this new friendship came at the cost of a friendship Salman shared with another superstar, Aamir Khan, as per some sources.

The Bigg Boss event quite hinted at that, when Salman Khan said he was ready to welcome SRK on the show, while making a joke on Aamir!

When a reporter asked Salman Khan if Shah Rukh Khan will come to Bigg Boss 9 to promote his upcoming Dilwale, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star said, “I would love to have him on the show, but he knows I don’t mean it. So I would rather put it this way, if he wants to spend time with the contestants, he is more than welcome. He can come down and give his life lessons to the contestants!”

The last line was a tongue-in-cheek reference to SRK’s video that he pasted on his Facebook page, where he was seen giving life lessons!

Salman Khan also said the chance of SRK and his films releasing on the same date (Raees andSultan) is also possible!

Aamir Khan was mentioned when the actor made a joke about the show’s sponsors Snapdeal. Aamir was the brand ambassador of the e-commerce site, so Salman made a jibe at the Snapdeal head, prodding him to praise Aamir Khan at the event! He said, “Aamir ke taarif me kya kya bologe, bolo bolo!”

Bigg Boss 9 will start from October 11.

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