Saw Ness Wadia grabbing Preity Zinta’s arm,says witness!

Danish Merchant, a businessman and a common friend of both Priety Zinta and Ness Wadia on Friday said that the later had grabbed the actor’s hand at Garware Pavilion during an IPL match. He added that after having an argument with Zinta over the seating arrangements, Ness Wadia even abused her.


Speaking exclusively to Headlines Today, Merchant said Jean, a relative of an Australian cricketer, who was sitting besides Zinta, intervened and asked Wadia to back-off.

He said, “I know both of them very well. On that day, I was sitting two seats aside Preity. Ness came to Preity and started arguing. Ness clutched her hand and abused. Preity later on showed me the mark on her hand.”

“We had no clue that Ness’s mother was standing and she wanted a seat. If we had known, we would have happily offered her the seat,” he said.

“I was contacted by police to record my statement. I want peace between both of them,” he added.

Priety had named Danish Merchant and Jean, a relative of an Australian cricketer as prime witnesses in the case.

The actor has also named 14 more witnesses that include staff and common friends of her and Wadia.

Police said they would record statements of four more persons. Jean is currently in the US. Police are likely to call him.

Police said they would corroborate her statement. “We wanted a witness who is not her bodyguard or friend. According to her, Merchant witnessed the entire incident.”

When asked if they would call Wadia to record his statement, the officer said they would first record the statements of the witnesses and then decide the next course of action.

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