Scotland’s independence rest on 170,000 ‘don’t know’ votes

The future of UK hangs in balance as Scotland votes in a referendum to decide the fate of its 307-year-old union with England.

Some 52 per cent of Scots are expected to vote to stay in the union while 48 per cent favouring independence, according to pre-poll surveys.

But some 170,000 voters, however, are still undecided, and will play a key role in the final outcome.

So far, the poll, which began at 7 am, left the No camp with just a two-point lead.

The turnout for the referendum was expected to be extremely high, with 95 per cent claiming that they are certain to vote, media reported.

Facing the biggest internal threat to the UK since Ireland broke away nearly a century ago, Britain’s who’s who from Prime Minister David Cameron to corporate bigwigs and the princes of pop-culture have come together in a last-ditch effort to convince Scots that UK is “better together.”

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