Sena urges govt. to impose Muslims on family planning

The gathering said the surge in quantities of the minority group would bring about etymological and geological irregularity in the nation.

The Shiv Sena on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to awe the need of family arranging upon the nation’s biggest minority group.

A dubious article in the Sena’s gathering mouthpiece “Saamna” compared the Muslim populace development to that of a “runaway shot train”, cautioning that the surge in the quantities of the minority group would bring about etymological and topographical unevenness in the nation.

In the meantime, it contradicted unusual, late proposals proffered by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its members and some Bharatiya Janata Party MPs that the Hindu group should repeat more.

“Expanding the Hindu populace to coordinate the ascent in minority group numbers is not the arrangement. Rather the Sangh should goad the Central government ought to ask strict family arranging measures upon individuals from all religions,” said the article.

It noticed that in the decade from 2001-2011, India’s Muslim populace had shot up almost 24 for each penny and guessed a 5-10 percent ascend till 2015.

The Sena trusted that Mr. Modi would unmistakably advise the Muslim group to acknowledge the need of family arranging.

“The Prime Minister guaranteed to address their the minority community’s] issues regardless of the fact that they thumped his entryways at midnight. Be that as it may, would the Muslims correspondingly respond while running the country?” asked the article.

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