Shiv Sena: India needs to show its ‘strength’ to Pak

Taking after the late spate of casefire violations by Pakistan, the Shiv Sena on Wednesday said India needs to show its quality to the neighboring country.

Shiv Sena: India needs to show its 'strength' to Pak

“India is just reacting to the casefire violations by Pakistan. On the off chance that we have the quality, then where is it covered up? We have to show our quality to Pakistan,” said Shiv Sena pioneer Sanjay Raut.

His remraks came after Pakistani troops turned to substantial overnight shelling in Poonch and Balakote divisions of Jammu and Kashmir.

The terminating began in Poonch at 9 pm and proceeded till four in the morning, while in Balakot area it started at 9.15 pm and endured till 1.30 am.

BSF troops struck back fittingly to the terminating.

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