Six pairs every girl needs!

Timeless Pieces that Every Girl Should Own and Wear.

Almost every girl in this world has a secret fetish hidden in her closet; something that she secretly indulges for her own pleasure. Some love handbags, others prefer underwear, dresses, hats, or sunglasses … In my case, I love shoes. It is actually not a secret anymore, and I kind of like to brag about them. They are my babies. I have them in all kinds of colors, shapes, materials, and brands. However, of all my loves, there are 6 pairs I (and every other girl on the planet) couldn’t (or shouldn’t) live without…

Fancy Ballerinas


Comfortable as no other shoe, cute and even a little flirty, ballerinas are a lifesaver! You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or with a dress … They have no limitations! Sometimes I keep them in my car (or inside my handbag) just to feel safer! They are like my own personal pepper spray!

Black Stilettos


This is an easy one. Every girl should own at least one pair of black stilettos. They should be high – but not too high – and comfortable. These are the shoes that you can wear to a date, to work, to a wedding … Pretty much everywhere! You need them to be nice, flattering, and very comfortable, so do not hesitate to invest a little more than the usual on these … Your feet will thank you!
Nude Pumps

Jimmy Choo Eross Suede Pumps Nude-500x500

Nude is the new black. These shoes will help you every time you buy a new extremely-beautiful-but-with-a-color-or-print-that-is-so-difficult-to-match-you-are-about-to-go-crazy dress. You can also wear them with the easier-to-match colors and for semi-casual events without looking too overdressed.

Casual Wedges


These are comfy and very flattering! If you get used to them, you can trick people into thinking that you are taller. You can wear them to work, to a date, pretty much anywhere! My secret: I wear them when I go shopping because I can walk in them for long hours and they are almost as slimming as heels. Something very useful when I am trying on new clothes …
Black Boots


They keep your feet warm and are usually comfortable. You will need them in winter! They will take you to work, on a date, and to the grocery store. You don’t need more reasons, do you?

Sky- High Strappy Heels


Last, but not least … These are a purchase made with your heart! You will wear them every time your self-esteem needs a little push. They will take your ego from wherever it is and raise it to the top! All they will ask for In exchange is a little bit of pain, but what is life without pain? Boring, plain, unexciting … So, put your sandals on and … To the infinite and beyond!

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