Six reasons why Akshay Kumar is still the Khiladi of Bollywood!

Six reasons why Akshay Kumar is still the Khiladi of Bollywood!

With Abbas-Mastan’s musical murder mystery ‘Khiladi’ (1992), the term Khiladi got stuck with Akshay Kumar, who followed it up with a series of potboilers and plethora of films. Hit music, sexy leading ladies, his brand of action and now his legendary comic timing has made this Kumar a consistent draw for the masses despite the stiff competition from the Khan trio. At 48, the disciplined star is kicking faster than ever before. Today, as Akki turns a year older, we list down six reasons as to why he is still the unbeaten Khiladi of Bollywood!

1. Fittest actor of B-town:

Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly the fittest actor we have seen in the industry. The actor may be48 but that hasn’t stop him from undergoing a rigorous training every day. Akshay’s love for fitness has inspired many including his younger co-stars.

2. Early riser:


While many in tinsel town are up till wee hours and spend their time socializing and as a result turn up late for shoots, Akshay Kumar is an exception. He doesn’t party or socialise much and believes in the philosophy ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy andwise’! The actor begins his day at four in the morning every day – whether he is shooting or not.

3. Follows strict regime:


Akki has been meticulously following his exercise routine for past many years. From waking up early in the morning to exercising for a minimum of 3-4 hours and staying away from alcohol and smoking, is something that Kumar has been religiously following. No wonder he is able to maintain his ‘Khiladi’ body!

4. Performs his own stunts:

Although many actors prefer body doubles and stunt men to perform risky stunts during the shoot, Akshay believes in performing his own stunts. Be it jumping from a high rise to fighting the toughest of villains, Akkiprefers doing all the stunts on his own. We quite like that!

5. Ready to learn new martial art forms:

Even though Akshay is a black belt in martial arts, he has never been sceptical in learning any new forms of fitness. Akshay has acquired skills in Taekwando, Jijitsu, MMA, Krav Maga etc., all of which we saw in his last release, ‘Brothers’.

6. Great help for his colleagues/co-stars:

Akshay is known for his magnanimity. He believes in sharing his skills and knowledge. It was heard that he taught certain tricks to his co-star from ‘Brothers’, Sidharth Malhotra while doing intense fight sequences. Then, he also helped his heroine Amy Jackson while training for martial arts and kick-boxing during the shoot of ‘Singh Is Bliing’.


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