Small lies or Small Infraction is all right for BJP Government

The BJP has taught us new moralities that govern our lives.

Union Transport Minister riding a scooter without a helmet and BJP spokesperson said that this was only a minor offence and there were no subsequent apology or acknowledgement of error and police seem to have pursed the matter as waiting for directions from above.BJP spokesperson said why mountain being made out of a molehill because little crimes unpunished encourage ever larger transgressions.

Narender Modi repeatedly lied about his marriage before election commission  until ordered to tell truth or face electoral disqualification.after that he revealed his secret.with what moral voice Modi address the nation?

RSS is taking over the government by the day.on october 28 ministers were summoned to meet RSS advisers in Delhi to discuss their plans and programmes.These sessions are to be represented across the board.Such tutoring violates administrative norms with ministers being called upon to share ideas and do bidding of unaccountable ideologues.This will undermine the system.

The Govt. has got eggs over its face by the bravado with which it has given names for black money holders.Govt. scoffed at the UPA for not revealing the names,despite its pleading confidentiality of treaty obligations in sharing the information.Govt is now making the same plea.

Arun Jaitley Finance minister advised CAG not to sensationalise his reports and arouse lynch mobs but rather remain cool and objective.Earlier,in the year Jaitley was leading the charge when the UPA was being indicted.What this illustrates is that our leaders,across parties ,lack moral fibre.

As elections are approaching in J&k,Delhi BJP has talked of offering Rs 5 lakh in compensation to every sikh killed in shameful 1984 riots.This is cheap electoral bribery and CEC has objected.

And finally the month ended with an inglorious BJP-led competition to pit Sardar Patel against Nehru and Indira Gandhi and appropriate him as their idol.such ploys will not work even if the Nehru-Gandhi name has been shamefully overworked.Building the world’s tallest statue to Patel on the banks of Narmada is a crude vulgarity that will only caricature his new found devotees.



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