Be a smart sexter!

Trying out sexting for the first time. Here are certain do’s and don’ts to remember while you are making your first sexting move

No matter how much we deny or run away from it, let’s face the fact that sexting has become a part of our conversations and definitely fuels up our sex life. While many women hold themselves back from sexting and think it’s inappropriate, men find sexting to be bold and quite like when women take things in their own hands. So if you are planning to make your evenings steamier, then add a tadka of sexting. However, if you are confused as in how to start and where to stop, then fret not as we bring you some tips that can help you sail through it.

1. Create mystery: Be it during sexting or even on phone conversations, it’s always a good idea to create mystery and let your man unveil it. Remember sexting is a form of digital prologue to the forthcoming chapters, so making it as interesting and intriguing as possible. Do not reveal all in the text messages as then there is nothing for your man to look forward to. Men always like that mysterious aura around their woman.

2. Do not rush into it: For those who are intimidated or not a great fan of doing the dirty talking face-to-face sexting is one of the best options for them. However, it is always good to know your limits beforehand especially when it comes to exchanging pictures. If you aren’t comfortable put it up first.


3. Be demure: Now this is one thing women are pro at, so make it to your best use. Be a little shy in your responses and take a little gap in between your replies. Anticipation always works in your favour. Take a little bit longer time than usual, and give him a little time to churn his mind wheels. But make sure you don’t take forever to reply.

4. Avoid too many emoticons: Smileys and cute winkies are fine, but make it a ground where you splash all kinds of emoticons every now and then. It makes you look like a young teenager whose just getting used to their new cellphone. And if the person on the other side is using too many emoticons then be a wise girl and stop sexting then and there.


5. Don’t unleash your inner novelist: Now there, slow down E.L. James; yes, there are times when you want to write too many things at a time, but in middle of replying to text and concentrating on the conversation there are chances that the other person might just miss half of your message. So try and be as crisp as possible and as earlier said, mystery always increases anticipation and passion.

6. Delete, Delete, Delete: Most importantly never forget to delete the messages and pictures from your phone. With technology speeding up every second you never know how you might fall in trouble. There are apps available which generally cleans up your message and photo bank at regular intervals, download that app and save yourself from troubles.



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