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Something more powerful than lemon water…….

Weight issue is becoming a common problem these days.I am not talking about only obese but overweight also. We all know our BMI (if you don’t know then do calculate), and in which category we fall like we are obese, moderately obese or overweight.

I am sure you must be trying many things and doing hardships to reduce weight but become unsuccessful and feel stressed and feel like a looser. Actually problem is not with the method but with the endurance,persistence and most importantly how much you enjoy it how much you are involved with it ,how much you value it and how much time you devote.

I am going to share a secret with you all something more powerful than a lemon water . Personally, I have experienced it and the result was amazing trust me it was.

Now , you must be waiting what it is , it is HOT LEMON TEA. I will tell you how to make it ,its very easy .

First take one and a half cup of water in a pan let it boil then add sugar in it according to taste then add a pinch of salt in it or you can add salt according to taste then add half a spoon of tea leaves and let it boil till the smell comes. After that squeeze fresh  lemon juice in a cup ,you can squeeze one or maximum two lemon then stir it with spoon and your HOT LEMON TEA is ready .

What is amazing about this is that diabetic patient ,heart patient can drink it instead of taking tea ,normally it is much more beneficial if you take it in the morning . But I can bet you ,you will love this so much that you won’t hesitate it taking in evening also and sooner you  will become so use to that you will love taking this instead of tea.

This ,is a secret which I have shared with you after experiencing it , trust me its just not useful in loosing weight but it energise your body and soul make your system awaken and work efficiently as it increases your appetite,open your taste buds,clean your throat and very useful in cold it has got medicinal values . You will be surprise to know that it was used by old monks and saints,it is a kind of ayurvedic drink which is harmless.

So do try it and see the change I am sure after drinking it you will feel more energetic ,more positive and more cheerful because you are going to enjoy it.

Stay healthy respect your body where you live and its a great gift from god so ,cherish it with love and smile.

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