Sonu Nigam acquires the anger of a media channel after he tweets in support of AAP leader Kumar Vishwas

Sonu Nigam’s tweet in support of AAP leader Kumar Vishwas has earned him the wrath of a prominent media house.
Nigam as of late had tweeted out a feature of Vishwas tending to the agriculturists’ rally in New Delhi a week ago which saw the suicide of Gajendra Singh, a rancher from Rajashthan. The reported media channel had later demonstrated a footage where minutes after the occurrence Vishwas was seen saying off the mic ‘latak gaya?’.
Nigam on his part tweeted out a video which gave another perspective to the issue which gives the poet turned politician a clean chit

After Nigam’s tweet, the channel, which is also involved in film production has decided to ban the singer from all its future projects. The singer even tweeted about it, and soon his followers started tweeting in support of the singer.
The singer further added, “Wonder should it not be illegal to ban someone on the pretext of nothing in a democracy? Influencing others to not work with an individual. Well legal or illegal, one thing’s for sure. Banning someone, is definitely unGodly.”

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