sperm doner died after fourth donation in 10 days

A CHINESE man died after donating sperm four times in 10 days.Zheng Gang, 23, was found slumped over and unconscious when staff broke down the door at a private booth in the Wuhan University clinic in Hubei Province.

They’d become concerned when he hadn’t emerged from the booth in more than two hours, the New York Post  reports.The death occurred in 2012 but has only been made public now because Mr Gang’s family have launched legal action against the sperm bank because they feel the clinic is responsible for his death.

They claim staff made him sign up and have demanded $648,545 in compensation.As part of their claim they have alleged he was pressured into making regular donations and staff did not properly handle the situation when they first found him.But their claim hasn’t been successful.

A court has ruled his death was entirely his own fault because he was capable of making his own decisions, including regular sperm donations.Mr Gang had been studying to be a doctor. He joined the sperm bank program in 2011 and was known to visit it regularly — even encouraging others to make their own donations.

Courtesy : NewYorkPost



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