Style and Fitness Guru – Salman Khan Fitness Routine

Style and Fitness Guru – Salman Khan Fitness Routine

“I cycle, swim, go to the gym, eat the right kind of food and sleep late as I don’t get sleep easily and wake up early, that’s the secret behind my age.”

Salman’s physical trainer, Manish Advilkar, has this to tell all his fans across the world.

Style and Fitness Guru – Salman Khan Fitness Routine

He has also trained Salman through six tedious years. When he first call me six years ago , I concentrated on fine-tuning is exercise routine, making it more structured and streamlined.

Today,  of course his body speaks for his dedication. No matter how punishing his shooting schedule, Salman will find time to exercise…

He even calls me up at 3-4 am for a training session.

Exercise releases endorphins ,those feel good hormones in the brain, and  riding the wave , trainer and pupil sculpt the body that earned bollywood star the moniker, “Shirtless Wonder”.

Style and Fitness Guru – Salman Khan Fitness Routine

While weights have gained for Salman the contours the camera captures so vividly, his cardiovascular routine is punishing too. When the mood overtakes Salman , he goes cycling three hours to panvel,”explains Advilkar.”personally, I would find that a real challenge too.”

Many people ask ‘What is Salman Khan’s diet plan?’ So here it is….

Salman Khan diet consists of many things, which provides him different types of proteins, vitamins.

Early Morning: Salman Khan diet in morning includes eggs, bread and butter, mix vegetable, chapatis, low fat milk and sometimes when he is free or spending time with family he likes heavy breakfast.

Lunch- Salman Khan’s lunch has mostly non-vegetarian food. His lunch includes any one non-veg item, fried fish, salad and lots of fruits.

Dinner- Salman Khan is very fond of non-vegetarian food and his dinner includes chicken and fish. He also likes to eat vegetables and different soups. Salman’s favorite cuisine is Italian and that’s why he often eats Italian food.

Style and Fitness Guru – Salman Khan Fitness Routine

Salman Khan workout session- Salman Khan has maintained his body from past 25 years and he has inspired many Bollywood stars to be fit and healthy. Salman never misses a chance to workout and even in his busy days he finds time to do workout.

Salman does a cardio-vascular regime. He works out for at least for 3 hours. Sometimes he is also found cycling on the streets. Salman Khan does 1000 push-ups or 2000 sit-ups a day during his intense workout sessions.

His workout routine includes- Jogging or cycling for a hour, dead lifts to improve leg and back muscles, bench press, shoulder press and end his workout with slow walking on treadmill.

So being Salman Khan is not easy and getting a body like him is even tough. It needs years of practice and hard work. So to get a perfect body like Salman Khan you must be as dedicated as he is even at the age of 48.

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