Success With Women Breeds Confidence

The more successful a man feels in all areas of his life, the easier it is for him to be successful with women. When a man who was formerly very unsuccessful with women, becomes an outrageous success with women, he realizes that he becomes more successful in all other areas of his life because of his success with women. Being successful with women gives you swagger. Being successful with women means that you are successful at making women happy. The essence of feminine energy is joy, playfulness, creativity and love. If your life is filled with sweet feminine women who adore you, you simply look at life in a more optimistic way. You see possibilities instead of obstacles. Because you understand women more than most men do, you can’t help but feel that this understanding gives you an advantage most men do not have. Because you become used to asking for and getting what you want from women, you come to expect success in all areas of your life by asking for what you want. It becomes your standard. Where once you were timid and shy, now you are a bold and brave risk taker.

When a man is used to getting what he wants with women, and realizes that most men do not, he becomes more aggressive in his career, business, his workouts, healthy eating habits, wealth building, etc. Being successful with women gives you a feeling of peace and all is well. Areas of your life that may be slightly out of balance, become more noticeable for their imbalance the more successful you become with women. The more balance you can bring to the unbalanced areas of your life, the more balance, peace and well-being that you will feel on a daily basis; The less you will let things upset you that once used to send you into orbit. What would have seemed like a major obstacle or challenge before becoming successful with women, now just looks like a little bump in the road. Therefore, since masculine energy grows through challenge, you will find yourself taking on bigger and bigger challenges that offer bigger and bigger potential rewards.

Success With Women Breeds Confidence

Your comfort zone is where you are most uncomfortable. What that means is, that a man is most fulfilled when he is pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone. The only way to grow and expand beyond what you are now, is to expand into areas that feel uncomfortable. If talking to beautiful women, once terrified you, but now it is no big deal, this was only achieved by doing what felt uncomfortable. As little successes replaced feelings of uncertainty and being uncomfortable, successes built your confidence. Success with women breeds confidence. Action breeds confidence and courage, inaction breeds fear and doubt.

The more you accomplish in life, the more you believe you can accomplish. Things that you once never considered, now become things that you think are possible. As the years roll by and your successes build up, you often find yourself doing and saying things that you once considered impossible and out of reach for you. You realize that if you persist long enough at something in life you have a passion for, that eventually by changing and adapting your approach when things are not working, you will slowly figure out the magic winning formula to make something work. The mechanics is the tough part when it comes to building a successful business or career. Most people give up and settle before they figure out the mechanics.

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