Swine Flu Alert – Death Toll reaches 833

According to Health Ministry figures, number of persons who have died of the disease till February 22 is 833 while a total of 14,484 persons has been affected by it across the country. It is increasing day by day.

Maximum cases were reported from Rajasthan where death count reaches at 214 and people affected are 4,549, whereas in Gujrat the death count reaches 207 and number of affected persons stood at 3,107. 8 persons have died in Delhi while 2,241 people are affected by the disease. In M.P 112 people have died due to the disease while 99 in Maharastra.


“We are on the job”, said a senior Health Ministry official. Uttar Pradesh government has asked people not to panic and that the government has sufficient medicines and is fully equipped to deal with the disease.

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