The only reason to watch “Ek Paheli Leela” is Sunny Leone

It is intriguing to see Sunny Leone’s name as a performance credit amid the titles while the names of her male co-stars are packed together.

ek pheli leela

Yup, the Hindi film champion has grew up. The amount of in this way, is obvious when we see Sunny Leone, the brunt of such a large number of giggly jokes only two years, take focal point of the audience in this shockingly engagement and yummy yarn about a hot British-Indian model who in her past life was a provocative Rajasthani chokri whom the nearby artist craved after.Amusingly Ms Leone flashes a greater amount of her sufficient cleavage 300 years prior in the preincarnation flashback than she does in the present. The extremely bringing Ms Leone’s skin-show, done in mild measures, gives an adept feeling of coherence to a plot that is in part propelled by Shakti Samanta’s ‘Mehbooba’. The hummable Amaal Malik track ‘Tere container nahin laage’ is utilized to poke Sunny Leone’s memory conscious similarly that the frequenting R.D. Burman track ‘Unimportant naina saawan bhadon’ was utilized as a part of “Mehbooba” to restore Hema Malini’s memory.

ek pheli leela

Whichever way Ms Leone just can’t quit bringing a walk around mammary, too bad, memory path.

‘Ek Paheli Leela’ is a shapely devour for the eyes, and I am not just alluding to the film’s champion who is remarkably positive about her skin. It’s the atmosphere of the film. The pictures sprinkled over the casings to speak to two distinctions periods, are done in tastefully ostentatious hues that appear to pay a reverence to the flashy feel of Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

ek pheli leela

What’s more, just to get the Bhansali picture out in the open, executive Bobby Khan utilizes the exceptionally lively ‘Dholi taro dhol baaje’ from ‘Murmur Dil De Chuke Sanam’ to zest up the procedures.

ek pheli leela

In all trustworthiness, much the same as one piece of our courageous woman’s life structures, the crowds’ advantage level is never permitted to hang. The plot travels through two totally contradictory times with surefooted steps, verifying that none of the characters stumble over in their excitement to infuse a franticness into the plot.

Furthermore, for once, the melodies don’t brake the procedures. They cover the account framing an appealing embroidered artwork of affection and disloyalty, as Ms Leone moves from playing Mira in London to Leela in Rajasthan.

sunny_leone seductive

Stunningly mounted and richly described, “Ek Paheli Leela” is a dining experience for the faculties. Basha Lal’s cam touches Ms Leone’s advantages and the sand rises of Jaisalmer with equivalent fondness.

In spite of the fact that the delectable Ms Leone astonishes in her twofold symbol, the inquiry is, would she be able to act? Indeed, dear friends,while the jury is still out on that one, we should simply say this. Could Zeenat Aman act? Like the sex bomb of the yesteryears, Sunny Leone tops off the screen with her curvy vicinity. Inquisitively she looks changed in her two symbols as well as starting with one edge then onto the next.

Joyfully her male co-stars are likewise generally able. Rajniesh Duggal (his eyes oozing the guiltlessness and worship of Rishi Kapoor) and Rahul Dev give effective support.And yes, its great to see Mohit Ahlawat come back to the screen with a calm controlled and insightful execution.

Jas Arora’s hamming gets irritating. Also, the gay comic jokes emphasizing the veejay Andy suck. These could have effectively been dodged. This film with its incapacitating state of mind of a fairtytale didn’t require unreasonable props. It pushes ahead with sure steps making a universe of shameless makebelieve.

Also, yes, the turn in the peak is shocking.

ek paheli leela

It may not be progressive in idea or way softening up execution. At the same time don’t imagine it any other way. ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ is the shock of the year.

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