Things you need to remember when getting highlights

A hair colouring disaster is the last thing that one wants when it comes to giving yourself a makeover. And more often than not — it happens — turning your worst nightmare into reality. For all the fascination hair colouring holds, you should start with choosing the right colour. The following steps will help you get your highlights right:

1. Start with choosing the right colour. For this, you will have to keep your skin tone in mind. To find out what colour will suit you best, look at your wrist. If the shade of your skin there is greenish, it means you have a cool skin tone. Similarly a yellowish shade would mean that you have a warmer skin tone.

2. Always keep in mind that the colour of your eyes and eyebrows play a vital role in choosing the right hair colour. Many people have cool skin and warm eyes. In that case, pick a neutral shade to balance both warm and cool tones. You might have observed some people look really washed out after getting their hair coloured. That’s because they did not take skin and eye tone into consideration.

3. Decide on your motive. If it is to cover greys, getting all your hair coloured is the best option. If you want just highlights, then select the colour carefully.


4. Remember the thumb rule — the colour of your highlight should always be three shades lighter than your original hair colour. If you are planning to get psychedelic colours like purple, red, blonde or gold, check if they go well with your skin tone.

5. For a richer texture, choose strawberry-blonde streaks. Also, consider the Brazilian blonde look, where streaks are added only to the tips of the hair. This creates a bright, sun-kissed look. Many hairstylists are beginning to focus on this type of style. Don’t over colour or you will end up with some seriously damaged hair.

6. To give your cheeks a more angular look, keep the bulk of highlights away from your hairline and add lowlights around the crown area instead. Concentrate highlights on the lower portion of your hair, from about ears down, to help slim and elongate your face.

7. If your hair falls past your shoulders, lighten the lowest few centimetres a little. This will make your face appear smaller.


8. To soften a strong, square jawline, have thin streaks spread evenly throughout your hair with a few extra-light highlights in the front section.

9. The highlights should be even. Don’t colour abruptly. If you are colouring for the first time, seek help from an expert.

10. Don’t choose a colour just because your friends have got it. What suits them might not suit you and vice versa.

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