This Sexist Girl-Guy Conversation Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With India

Two friends – a guy and a girl – were catching up over coffee, discussing about their lives, families and marriage arranges. In any case, the discussion finished suddenly because one of them was being sexist. Here are passages from the discussion:-

This Sexist Girl-Guy Conversation Shows Exactly What’s Wrong With India

She : Oh! my parents. They need me to get married.

Me : Ya… this happens in India with each girl who turns 25

She : Why young girls? You are of my age. Are your parents forcing you for marriage?

Me : No. Not yet. I think they will in two or three years

She: I exactly need, making it impossible to get married following two or three years. I have some carrier plans, need to go like you and do part of things before I get married.
Me : That’s nice. Try convincing your parents once.
She : I can’t understand my parents! They are so customary. I mean..we all discussion about sexual orientation equality…and this is how our previous generation thinks! Kuch nahi ho sakta is desh ka (Nothing good can happen in this country). You boys have all the privilege. I hate this system.

Me : Hmm… anyway did you like the last guy you met?

She : No.

Me : Why?

She : (Chuckles) Utna to main kamaati hoon. (I earn almost equal). The guy I will marry should earn more than me and should be more intelligent. In the end, these are basic requirements.

Me : Oh… I thought we were talking about equality!

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