Tipu, His Cycle and Daadi. This Story Will Make You Smile On your Face

In case you’re still wondering whether you should pick up that musical instrument and finally learn how to play it, or read that book you’ve been putting off for later, or even take time out to go travelling, this daadi should be your inspiration.

A lovely new video said daadi and her adorable pota Tipu, will help nudge you towards the goals you’ve shelved for far too long.

The video begins by showing daadi checking the tyre on her grandson’s bicycle. Tipu, meanwhile, has sabotaged the cycle by puncturing the tyre and seems to be avoidingdaadi.

When daadi finally gets a hold of him, she drags him out for a bike ride.

Daadi, please nahi,” he says, walking the cycle. “Arrey tu chal chup chap… darpok kahin ka,” she dismisses him.

Girne se bahut chot lagegi,” he tries to argue. “Kuch nahi hoga, buddhu, main keh rahin hoon na,” she reassures him.

He tries a few more excuses, none of which hold up against the determined daadi. She ultimately wins this tussle and the coolest thing happens.

We’ll let you watch the video to see what actually transpires between the daadi, pota and their little bicycle. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

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