Trend to try: Two-tone lips

An entire generation of women who thought lipstick was old-fashioned is now buying this oversize Crayola crayon in multiples and applying it daily. Make-up artist Jiliian Dempsey chalks up crayons’ popularity to their simple application and sheer finish (not to mention how good they make your lips feel): “They deliver the perfect amount of colour, they hydrate, and your can apply them in the back of a taxi — without a mirror.” If you’re way past the swiping stage, we suggest you broaden your horizons and try this new two-tone lip.

Ombré lips walk that fine line between edgy and pretty — and the best way to get them is with crayons. And even though we said you don’t need a mirror, this is one time you may want to take a peek.


Choose two matte finish crayons (we like the combination of red with fuchsia or orange) “Matte crayons make the best base because the pigments don’t move,” says make-up artist Romy Soleimani. “Glosses and creamy lipsticks will bleed together.”

Grab one of the colours and draw it all over your lips.

Take the second colour and scribble it along the inner part of your bottom lip only steering clear of the edges.

Two Toned Lips is the Latest Lip Trend

Lightly press – don’t mash – your lips together. “It’s good if colour transfers onto the top lip, but you don’t want the colours to blend,” says Soleimani.


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