VHP To Aamir Khan: Clarify If Apologized For Anti Modi Remarks

Making it an issue, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has sought a clarification from actor Aamir Khan if he had apologised for his March 2005 statement on the Gujarat riots before meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently.

According to the media reports VHP had s written a a letter to Aamir Khan and mentioned that the actor was signatory to a statement in 2005 which had held Mr. Modi directly responsible for “the act of genocide” in Gujarat.

“If you still hold on to this view point, we are surprised that you decided to meet a person whom you have called such vile terms… The question now arises whether you have apologised to Mr. Modi for signing the statement. From your Twitter comments, we do not read that you have apologised,” the letter read.

It says if the actor had not apologised and yet met the Prime Minister it would “breed a huge sense of cynicism among the people” as they (VHP) would wonder if he was seeking any special favours from the present government.

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