Wardrobe Malfunctions that rocked Bollywood

BollyWood Famous Wardrobe Malfunctions

  1. Tanisha wardrobe malfunction: Tanisha Mukherjee experienced wardrobe malfunction that she didn’t know, after all her dress got stuck in her bums.

After all anyone can make such silly mistakes but still Bollywood counted it as wardrobe malfunction.

Tanisha Mukherjee Wardrobe Malfunction

Tanisha Mukherjee Wardrobe Malfunction

2. Riya Sen wardrobe malfunction: Riya Sen cannot fit in the classic wardrobe malfunction, but she was caught with her zip open. Naughty.

Riya sen wardrobe Malfunction

 After her famous MMS still can one call it a Wardrobe Malfunction..LOLZ

3. Deepika Padukone wardrobe malfunction: Deepika Padukone revealed something more than necessary accidentally during one of her modelling stints.

It seems More to Be a  Sharp lens Photography..

Deepika Padukone wardrobe malfunction4. Shamita Shetty wardrobe malfunction: Shamita Shetty’s wardrobe malfunction hit the headlines of every city tabloid. Dont know how Shamita’s skirt rode up to cause a Britney Spear moment for the world to see.

Shamitawardrobe malfunction

5. Nauheed Cyrusi: Nauheed Cyrusi just forgot to wear Bra at Ayesha Takia’s wedding and it rated top in Wardrobe Malfunctioning for a year.

Nauheed Cyrusi Wardrobe Malfunctioning

Nauheed Cyrusi Wardrobe Malfunctioning

 It wasnt wardrobe malfunction typically unless Nauheed forgot to wear a bra.

6. Neha Dhupia’s wardrobe malfunction: Neha Dhupia’s nipple slip at one of the posters of her movie Utthan made brief rounds of news. But with the film flop, people forgot about Neha Dhupia’s wardrobe malfunction.

neha dhupia wardrobe malfunction

7. Celina Jaitley wardrobe malfunction: Celina Jaitley’s wardrobe malfunction made news couple of years ago when she came to a function with a dress that forced her ample breasts threatening to revolt. In fact, the exposure was more than intended as Celina ended up exposing something more than intended.

Celina Jaitley wardrobe malfunction

8. Kangana Ranaut wardrobe malfunction: Kangana Ranaut’s upskirt at a party.

Kangana Ranaut wardrobe Malfunctioning at party

9. Raima Sen’s wardrobe malfunction: Raima Sen’s wardrobe malfunction was evident in a photoshoot. But this shy actress can never compete her sister.

Raima Sen wardrobe malfunction at photoshoot

10. Freida Pinto wardrobe malfunction: Freida Pinto’s white inner wear saw the light of the day at public event, caught by a newspaper. Photographer cant leave the stars as Freida pinto has already given steamy and n**e scenes in movies still!!!

Freida Pinto photographer trick

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