Ways to save on Summer vacations!

Holiday season is here and with it the hefty price tag that comes with escaping to destination paradise. If you can’t stop thinking about the Holiday of a lifetime but are worried that you will be paying for it for a lifetime- push the panic aside and read the 7 top tips that will see you on the next flight to your dream holiday.

PromotionalCodes.org.uk, want to help cash strapped Brits enjoy a couple of weeks rest and relaxation without the fear of a huge credit card bill to come home to.

Booking independently, using discount codes and taking into account all the additional costs are all included among the money saving tips.


7 Ways To Save

1. Ditch the travel agent

Book your holiday yourself. Avoiding travel agents will save you money because it means that you won’t have to pay them commission. Researching holidays online has never been easier and doing it yourself gives you the comfort of knowing that you have found the best possible deal. You can book your own holiday in just a few clicks or a phone call. Also, don’t be afraid to call up travel shops and ask them for the best prices. In many cases if you mention that you were offered a better deal elsewhere they might reduce their initial offer.

2. Use discount codes

Voucher code websites are great for saving money on holidays and can make a real difference to your overall holiday cost. Visit voucher code websites like PromotionalCodes.org.uk for some great discount codes and travelsupermarket.com allows you to compare prices across lots of companies meaning that you can find the best prices by visiting just one website. Saving money by using these websites means that you will have more money to spend when you get there.

3. Don’t forget teletext

It may sound old fashioned but teletext is still up and running and you will find some hidden gems if you have a good look. You can find cheap package holidays to popular destinations both in the UK and abroad and on cruise ship deals, all of which are ATOL protected.

4. Additional costs

Many people assume that last minute holidays are the cheapest but a lot of deals do not include the cost of transfers, catering and insurance. Shop around for the best deal by clicking ‘book’ when you see a holiday you like to take the booking to the next stage. When you do this there are often additional charges added on so make sure you find out the final fee rather than comparing deals by just looking at the advertised price.

Don’t presume there is only one chance to go all-inclusive. You can often get a better price by booking directly through the hotel before you arrive or you can even opt in on arrival, it won’t cost you more money.

5. Book separately

Booking the different elements of a holiday separately can also save money. Booking direct with the hotel may get you the best price on accommodation, for example. It is important to make sure you check your ATOL coverage in regards to your accommodation and flights when booking separately.

6. Ignore star ratings

Ignore the star ratings in holiday brochures as most of them are independently created by the tour operator. They are not governed by an independent body such as the AA ratings.  A hotel may be four stars because it has disabled access, two pools, kids clubs and air conditioning in the rooms but the food and cleanliness standards may be very low. So you could get excellent quality food at a one star hotel or lots of facilities and poor food at a four star, it just depends where your priorities lie.

Read customer reviews on websites such as tripadvisor.co.uk to find out the strengths and weaknesses of hotels.

7. Your holiday extras

Suntan lotion can be expensive and you may need a few bottles if you’re going with the family. You should apply suntan lotion every two hours, which means it will quickly run out. Buying suntan lotion when it is on offer can save you a fortune and shops often offer huge discounts.


Darren Williams from PromotionalCodes.org.uk said: “Holiday prices rocket during the school holidays and finding somewhere to take your family if you’re on a limited budget, isn’t easy.

“We wanted to help Brits enjoy their summer break and give them the insider knowledge travel experts have to help them book a holiday they can afford.”


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